Web Analytics Certification Training

Row Digital School's Web Analytics training will enhance your data analysing ability, and help you master the critical elements of web analytics like multi channel analytics, quantitative and qualitative searches, reports, and content analytics, and more with Digital web analytics course. Improve your decision making skills by learning tools and techniques of data analysis and become a data wizard to give yourself a competitive edge.

Self Paced Learning
Rs. 9,999

Key features

  • 15+ Hours of e-learning videos.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Topics on Google Analytics, Data Analytics, Acquisition, Consumer Behaviour, KPIs and Social Analytics.
  • On field experience of Google Analytics platform with practical exposure.
  • 10 mini projects and constant assessment of the project completion.
  • Examples and case studies with Downloadable course ebook.

Course advisor

Namrata Sachan
Namrata SachanSEO & Social Media Expert

Social media is the most important part of today’s world. Every company regardless of their work are suggested to participate and showcase their work on social media, also because of which we can see new innovative players coming out of the closet.

Web Analytics Course Objectives.

  • The course teaches you the methods of collection and analysis of data that lead to more informed business decisions and an optimization of an organization’s digital ecosystem and supporting business processes.
  • Web Analytics tools make use of data that is derived from websites, mobile applications, social media, Internet of Things, or third party sources. Most firms integrate web analytics into their business strategies to improve core business strategies, optimize workflow and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Students enrolling for this Web Analytics course will enrich their knowledge on fundamental concepts of analytics, illustrating common analytical scenarios and how to use popular web analytics tools used by marketers across the major industry domains.

2.1- Google Analytics setup.

2.2- Goal Settings.

2.3- Creating Channels/Metris/Dimensions.

3.1- Acquisition Quiz - Project on Acquisition.

3.2- Behavior Quiz - Project on Behavior.

3.3- Conversion - ( Multi Channel Funnels, Conversion sources, Project on Conversion )

4.1- Attribution model.

4.2- Quiz.

After completion of your entire course, you will be eligible for an exam in which you are expected to score 60% to get a certification.

The exam will be conducted in the form of an offline test series ensuring the authenticity of results.

Once the student has cleared the exam he/she will be provided with a certificate in the next 10 working days.

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