What We Do

Row Digital school helps companies transform how they deliver differentiated digital customer experiences.

We are data-driven digital marketing and technology practitioners who believe that identifying the right problem is the first step to the right solution.

By using lean delivery & agile practices, we provide end-to-end services and give our clients a sustainable competitive advantage.

How We Got Here

  • Row Digital school started with a vision of becoming a specialist in the toughest marketing industries. After starting the organization we faced more difficulties compared to other digital marketing agencies as our focus was on conquering Mount Everest after being just a few days in the ground.
  • Digital marketing has always been that equation which needs thousands of computations. ( In this case, experiments) to get some awesome results. We ensured to work hard until we lost track of the time, that's what got us today at the state where we are known as an agency with fully loaded solutions.
  • In 2016 we had partnered with Spokes Digital a US-based digital marketing agency who shares a similar vision & passion like ours. We can proudly say that this has been one of our best business decision until now.
  • The problems which we faced on a daily basis gave us a thought to open a digital school which believes in cases rather than books, and also in integration then implementation.
  • Our in house team has built an extremely strong and agile process which helps us to help our students and community to understand this complex digital world in an remarkable time.
  • ROW Digital School has a learning management system which is based on practical projects and how their problems are solved on a daily basis. This integrated LMS gives an major advantage to all kind of new learners and experienced students a new learning perspective on a daily basis.
  • The strongest formula which helped us to crack the digital marketing code was a mixture of current, futurist and robust courses provided to our students.

Where We Are Now

  • ROW Digital School courses & certifications provide training in SEO, PPC Advertising, Web Analytics, and content marketing. ROW Digital School ensures that the syllabus always matches the highest standards of practices of the market and is taught by the best-in-class faculty and the digital gurus of the silicon valley.

The People That Made It Happen

Varun Patel

Varun Patel

CEO & Co-Founder

Namrata Sachan

Namrata Sachan

Chief Digital Officer

  • Mr. Varun Patel has played several roles in his career which helped him to get a stack of achievements which resulted in today’s success. His years of experience have made him and his organization a go-to person for “Digital Marketing” solutions. His aim is to master & spread in all tough businesses giving his clients a full 360-degree solution even in industries which face immense restriction in digital marketing.
  • When you think of acknowledging someone for their best-supporting role in organization, it’s Namrata. She fits in the profile perfectly as her years of experience in operations & knowledge of digital marketing has made her a powerful figure in client management and retention.
  • Jeff is an entrepreneur and marketing veteran based in San Francisco who has over 19 years of experience integrating brands into the digital and social space. Jeff has led digital marketing campaigns for brands such as Audi, FIAT, Ralph Lauren, Intel, Fox Studios, UNIQLO, Virgin Mobile, VOGUE, and Grubhub.